Quick and Tasty Pasta

Pasta, pasta, pasta! Who doesn’t like a nice plate of pasta with your favorite sauce? You can do just about anything with pasta when it comes to making your own sauce like marina, Alfredo, Bolognese and pesto. You can add ingredients like fresh tomatoes, spinach, peas and even pancetta, whatever you may be craving that day. There are so many different options its hard to choose. In my opinion though nothing can beat a simple tomato sauce made with fresh tomatoes and just a few simple ingredients or whatever you may have leftover in the fridge.

Since I had a decent amount of grape tomatoes left in my fridge, I decided to make a fresh tomato sauce with roasted garlic, Kalamata olives, Swiss chard and fresh parsley and basil. I roasted the garlic in a bit of olive oil and added the tomatoes with the olives and let simmer until the tomatoes started to slightly burst. Next, I added salt, pepper, dash of oregano and my basil and parsley. Once that cooked down a little more, I added the Swiss chard until slightly wilted. Just like that you have a fresh, healthy mouth watering tomato sauce in a short amount of time. Not to mention it didn’t require much effort or prep time at all. Perfect for a quick weeknight meal that everyone will enjoy!

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