Perky Joe’s Cafe – A must try

I have to admit that sometimes I am guilty of not eating breakfast in the morning, even though it is the most important meal of the day. My first meal of the the day may not even happen until around 1130 a.m. which is GF non-dairy yogurt, either coconut or almond milk and I almost always have it with GF granola and fresh berries. I am trying to change my habit of not eating breakfast because I feel like midday I don’t have a lot of energy, and I need an afternoon nap, which for most of us is not possible at your job.

So, today I changed it up and decided to check out this local coffee shop called Perky Joe’s Cafe in Harleysvile, PA. What a great neighborhood coffee shop…quaint and cozy. Not only is the coffee delicious, they serve breakfast ALL DAY, have freshly made pastries and smoothies. They serve lunch as well. A few menu items they offer include Egg Strata’s, French Toast, Steel Cut Oatmeal for breakfast, and for lunch, sandwiches like Roast Turkey, Chicken Salad and a Hummus Sandwich. They also have soups and salads. A lot of the menu items do have GF and vegan options available as well.

Today I decided to try the Classic Egg Strata which is Bacon, Egg and Cheese and I got it on GF toast. Everything is made to order! I decided to get the sandwich to go and I just added fresh spinach on the side. It was very scrumptious! The GF toast was good and didn’t fall apart when I picked it up to eat it. The strata was very tasteful and full of flavor and the sandwich was not too big, which was the perfect size for my appetite. Perky Joe’s is definitely a hidden gem that I will be frequenting more often for sure! I can’t wait to go back and taste more items from the menu. If you are ever in the area Perky Joe’s Cafe should definitely be on your list to try.

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