• Stuffed Peppers to the Rescue
    I’m going away in a few days so I’m trying to use up anything and everything that’s in my fridge, plus I didn’t really put together a dinner menu for this week (guess I’m getting into vacation mode a little early). Last night, I kept staring into my fridge thinking of what I could make but nothing is
  • Ciders…a good GF summertime drink
    When it comes to alcoholic beverages there are so many different choices to choose from..beer, wine, vodka, tequila, ciders and the list goes on. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out which ones are gluten free. To this day I am still getting the hang of things, like what vodkas are ok to drink, or is that tequila made with
  • Taco Tuesday
    Mexican food, something that I can eat any day and probably every day of the week, tacos being my ultimate favorite! You can jazz them up with just about anything you would like, whether it be a different kind of protein (chicken or beef) or just veggies and the toppings are endless. From shredded lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, black
  • Sunday’s Pasta Dinner
    I’ve never gotten the hang of making a good meatball, whether it be beef, ground chicken or turkey and ever since I became gluten-free I’ve tried many recipes but haven’t found that perfect one yet. Last night I tried a slow cooker turkey meatball recipe that wasn’t GF but I just substituted the breadcrumbs
  • Simple Yet Delicious
    Today for breakfast I decided to make something simple but oh so good…avocado toast! Avocados, whether they be used to make fresh guacamole or an added topping to your taco, there are many different ways they can be utilized. Avocado toast is always my go to breakfast/lunch which I don’t think I could every get tired of.
  • Swing and a Miss
    Last night I went to dinner with my son and boyfriend and decided to try this restaurant in Lansdale, PA that my boyfriend has been wanting to try called ‘Stove and Tap’. I hadn’t really researched the menu before going, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect or even what kind of food they served. First thing
  • This Little Gem….
    If you’re ever looking for a great recipe book whether it be for healthy breakfast bowls, plant based bowls and even family style large bowls, look no further. ‘Nourishing Superfood Bowls” is a great book to have on hand especially for gluten-free, vegan and even paleo option recipes. I have tried a few recipes like
  • Quick and Easy Dinner Idea
    Last night I made this quick and healthy GF bowl for dinner. I love making bowls since you can use whatever ingredients you may have leftover in the fridge or in the pantry. I used fresh veggies and added some grilled steak for extra protein, and I was even able to use some tomatoes from our garden!
  • About Me
    My name is Danielle and I want to welcome you to ‘GLUTEN FREE PHILLY GIRL’! I created this blog to make it easier to find good tasting (good-for-you) … and hopefully, delicious, gluten free options at local restaurants (and even in my travels). Also, since I am not able to travel all the time and eat out at different
  • Journey while on another tournament trip…
    Another journey for a basketball tournament took us to Manheim, PA. We ventured to a restaurant called Hunger and Thirst, a gastropub located in Lancaster, PA. A very cute place with a nice outside area and a few GF options, it was worth the try.  I started with the smoked beet tartare (without the crostini), which was

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