• Squash-a-licious
    There are so many good things about the Fall season from warm and hearty soups, apple cider and all things pumpkin but there are also the many different types of squash. Who knew there were so many varieties of squash to choose from like Acorn Squash, Butternut Squash and Spaghetti Squash. I don’t cook with squash as much as I
  • Budget Friendly Enchiladas
    Since becoming gluten-free I have realized that the cost of buying GF food and eating out is really expensive. Not only do I want to provide good healthy GF food options for fellow GF foodies, but I also want to provide budget friendly meals inside and outside the home. I myself am still trying to find cheaper options in stores and
  • Third Times a Charm
    As I’ve mentioned in some of my previous posts I have never been much of a baker but I think that may be changing. I guess it just takes a little practice and getting familiar with the different ingredients you’re using. For me, I always felt that making gluten-free food was a little more challenging. It either
  • Crock-Pot Success
    Since it’s the beginning of fall (even though the temperatures have remained pretty warm) I like to find things that I can make in my crock-pot, especially for Sunday dinners. I usually love making different kinds of soups especially on those bitter cold days, but my son is not a huge fan of soup so I try and find a happy
  • An Oldie But Goody!
    Who is ready for some new and improved Sloppy Joe’s? Such an oldie but goody dinner idea that I used to love to eat when I was a kid. I was always excited when I knew my mom was making them for dinner. I remember the can of sauce she used called “Manwich”! It was an already made sauce with tomatoes, onions and bell
  • A “True” Find in K of P
    King of Prussia, Pa is not only known for the enormous King of Prussia mall but also all of the booming restaurants that are opening up around the mall. It’s hard to choose which one to try first, but I decided on a place called “True Food Kitchen”. Dr. Andrew Weil is the founder and has the belief that food should
  • A New Fan of Meatloaf
    Meatloaf was never a favorite meal of mine but I am trying to think of different things to make during the week/weekend. The few times that I did attempt to make meatloaf I used ground turkey or chicken which did not get high reviews from my son and boyfriend. That along with cooking it too long and not being very flavorful made me
  • Venture Down the City
    This past weekend we ventured down the city again to a restaurant called Talula’s Garden, which is located is the heart of Center City Philadelphia, PA. It is farm-to-table and uses locally sourced ingredients that changes with each season. It has a beautiful atrium with outside eating (and there are heat lamps for those cool
  • Pot Pie for the Win
    Who doesn’t like a good ole’ homemade chicken pot pie on a nice crisp fall day? I know I do and I’ve been craving one for the past couple of weeks. I kept putting off making it because I remember the last time I tried it didn’t turn out so well. I am pretty sure I even made a trip to the store to find GF dough
  • Quick and Tasty Pasta
    Pasta, pasta, pasta! Who doesn’t like a nice plate of pasta with your favorite sauce? You can do just about anything with pasta when it comes to making your own sauce like marina, Alfredo, Bolognese and pesto. You can add ingredients like fresh tomatoes, spinach, peas and even pancetta, whatever you may be craving that day.

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