Crock-Pot Meals are the Best!

What can I say I love crock-pot meals! The preparation is so easy and simple and then you can just go about your day while it cooks for hours. My latest crock pot meal was a Mediterranean Chicken Noodle Soup which is definitely a keeper! I love when I find new recipes for soup even though I am pretty sure I’m the only soup lover in my household. Plus, I love having soup as a leftover because I always thinks its better the next day.

I used boneless skinless chicken breasts, fire-roasted diced tomatoes, chicken broth, onion, orange bell pepper, garlic, Italian seasoning, ground pepper, crushed red pepper and bay leaf. I placed everything in the crock pot and cooked on low for abut 6 hours. About a 1/2 hour before the soup was finished I boiled some water so that I could add some pasta to the soup as well. Once finished I removed the chicken to shred and then stirred back into the soup along with fresh basil and parsley. I put a little pasta in the bottom of the bowl and then added the soup on top. I didn’t want to add the pasta directly into the soup because in my opinion it tends to get mushy. I garnished with a little Parmesan cheese and some more fresh basil.

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