Cookie Time is Anytime

Even before becoming gluten free I have never been much of a baker. Believe me, I have tried several times using even the simplest recipes but for some reason I could not master the task…the cookies either came out too flat or too brown on the bottom or the cake didn’t rise in the oven like it was supposed to. Maybe I should have refrigerated the batter first, or maybe I didn’t take the butter out in enough time to soften it? So many questions I had but didn’t know how to fix the problems. The battle got even worse after deciding to become GF! Honestly, I have to say I felt a little overwhelmed at first because there are so many different flours to choose from like rice, brown rice and almond flour and a lot of recipes called for Xantham gum which I wasn’t even familiar with and never worked with before. One of my favorite kinds of cookies is chocolate chip. I found a few GF recipes to try, but unfortunately they didn’t really work out. Either they fell apart when you ate them, they didn’t hold their shape or they were too “chalky” tasting.

Low and behold I think I finally found the perfect recipe! The cookies looked beautiful and were delicious. I used Oat flour (Bob’s Redmill GF), Brown Rice flour, potato starch and Xantham Gum. Bob’s Redmill also makes a GF one-to-one flour that could also be used. They came out moist in the middle but had a crunchy outside which I like, and they cooked to a beautiful light brown color (not too dark like they would normally turn out for me). Needless to say they did not last long in my house and I will be making another batch very soon.

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