About Me

My name is Danielle and I want to welcome you to ‘GLUTEN FREE PHILLY GIRL’!

I created this blog to make it easier to find good tasting (good-for-you) … and hopefully, delicious, gluten free options at local restaurants (and even in my travels). Also, since I am not able to travel all the time and eat out at different restaurants during the week (although I wish I could), I will also post healthy dinner/desert ideas that I use in my day to day life.

A few short years ago, due to some health issues and at the recommendation of an Integrative Medicine Physician, I decided to become completely gluten free. At first, this was really overwhelming. What foods contain gluten (many have hidden gluten)? What does a gluten free diet look like? Even more challenging was that I loved to eat out and try new restaurants. So, I began researching which restaurants offered GF options and found out that many didn’t. Often, servers were even clueless about GF, and trying to find a ‘good’ pizza or pasta was really challenging.

Today, GF options are becoming more available all over.  But, trying to find restaurants that offer GF food that actually tastes good, is satisfying, and is good for you is still a struggle. 

I have found many options and my mission is to find many more, as a fellow GF Foodie, I want to share what I discover with you!

If you know someone who might benefit from this blog, please share!

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